Who am I?

I’m a barrister. New to this trade, but I’ve been around…

I joined Outer Temple Chambers as a pupil in 2018 and became a tenant in 2019. Since then, I’ve been building a practice across commercial and employment disputes, business crime of all kinds (from bribery and fraud, civil and criminal, to health & safety), regulatory issues and data protection. As well as advising clients on what they should do about legal problems and representing them in Court, my background means I can advise on and assist in complex investigations of all kinds.

I’m lucky enough to be at a Chambers with a broad scope of work, so I don’t have to limit myself.

I am also a Civil Mediation Council-registered mediator, so if you are involved in a legal dispute and both you and the other parties want to explore possible non-Court solutions via mediation, I can help.

While most of my work comes through solicitors, as with most barristers, I am qualified to work on a Public Access basis, meaning I can be approached by lay clients directly. There are limitations on what Public Access work I can do (for instance, I don’t do Public Access employment work – and the BSB website has guidance for the public about retaining a barrister on a Public Access basis). So please get in touch with my Practice Director, David Smith, to discuss.

Before then, I:

  • ran anti-fraud and anti-corruption programmes at two international banks, as well as leading their internal criminal and misconduct investigations;
  • Worked in intelligence and investigations for the Financial Services Authority, including instigating the enquiries that led to the convictions of the HBOS Reading fraudsters; and
  • Started out as a reporter specialising first in technology and then, from 2001 to 2007, becoming BBC News’ sole specialist in financial crime.

Because I’m a barrister, I’m regulated by the Bar Standards Board.